My Flight Museum | 我的飞行博物馆

Preface | 前言



  • 建立这个GitBook的目的是想要把我目前为止拍到的飞机图片以及相关的信息整理和收集起来,方便自己以后查看和回忆,也能给其他人了解航空的机会。可以想象,如果在未来的很多年我都能把对于飞机和飞行的爱好坚持下去,并且能坚持更新这个GitBook,那这一定会非常得精彩。

  • The purose of creating this GitBook is to collect the plane photos I took and related information up to now, which makes it easier for me to view and recall in the future and also gives opportunity for other people to know the aviation. As you can imagine, It will be a wonderful scene if I keep on loving aviation and updating the GitBook.

  • 目录的层级是按照飞机生产厂商和飞机型号进行分的,但也不一定只限于此。这本书中收录的大部分内容将是民航喷气式客机,而且以AB两家居多,但也会有一些比如飞行特技表演或者其他的一些内容。同时我过去作为一个CR铁路迷,虽然现在对于火车没有了如此高的热情,但还是想分享一个我觉得有意思的火车,这不仅限于CR。

  • The classifaction of the index is according to the manufacturer and the type of the planes. Most of contents in this book are jet aircrafts of cival aviation and most of them are from Airbus and Boeing. But we also have contents related to aerobatics and so on. I used to be a fan of China Railways. Nowadays I don't have such higher enthusiam, but I want to share these trains with you.

  • 一般的内容格式(Default Layout):

    The name of the Airline | 航空公司名称 Registration(注册号)


    • Serial Number / 生产序列号
    • First Flight Date / 首飞日期: /
    • Age (Shotted Date) / 机龄(拍摄日期): /
    • Shotted Place / 拍摄地: /
    • Seat Configuration / 座位布局:
    • Engines / 引擎:
    • Others / 其他:
  • 最后附上我的个人博客地址 / My Blog Website:

    Jialong's Blog

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